Octave Programming: Setup

You will need to install GNU Octave to do this lesson.

You will also need to download some data, which we will analyze using Octave:

  1. Make a new folder in your /home/username/ called octave-novice-inflammation by steps below (2 OR 3).
  2. Download octave-novice-inflammation-data.zip and extract it (right click > extract here, on Ubuntu), OR:
  3. Run the following commands on terminal,
    $ wget https://github.com/bagustris/octave-tutorial/raw/gh-pages/data/octave-novice-inflammation-data.zip
    $ unzip octave-novice-inflammation-data.zip -d octave-novice-inflammation-data 
  1. You can access this folder from the Unix shell with:
cd /home/Username/octave-novice-inflammation-data